a-ha diary - thanks

Founders of the a-ha diary:
Suzie Dent
Jane Dale

Current authors of the a-ha diary:
Suzie Dent and Evi W: suzie.dent at btinternet.com (replace the " at " with @)

Many thanks to the following people who have provided us with information for this project:

Fan clubs:

"a-ha Fanclub", Hamburg
"Headlines And Deadlines", England
"The Way We Talk", Berlin
"Memorial Beach", France

...and thanks to:

Huda Ali
Steph Barth (France)
Sylvia Berger (Germany)
Jurgita (Lithuania)
Tanja Bruns (Germany)
Veronica Casaglia (Italy)
Sue Cole (England)
Kelly Cornacchia (USA)
Olivier Courtil
Joanna Dinham (England)
Judith Fasler (Switzerland)
Anna Forsberg (Sweden)
Christina Galbraith (Ireland)
Bjørn Hansen (Norway)
Chris Hopkins (Wales)
Nicola Hunt (England)
Lesley Jeavons (UK)
Gaby Klinzmann (Germany)
Marie Lagache (France)
Fanny Lay (France)
Elisa Mantovan (Italy)
Karyn Noble (Australia)
Marlene Page (England)
Jakob Sekse (Norway)
Catherine Sexton (USA)
Pa Stenersen (Norway)
Joanne Taylor (England)
Astrid Van De Brug (Norway)
Claudia van Tilburg (Netherlands)
Pamela Torrence (UK)
Donna Wampach (USA)
Annegret Wurster
Monica Zimmermann (Switzerland)
Dragonfly (Germany)
Elizabeth (USA)
Karl-Ivan (Norway)
Karine (France)
Lisa (CA, USA)
Locust (Norway)
Marie (France)
Miko (Japan)
Nina (France)
Andreas Boettcher