a-ha diary - introduction

Apologies for the delay in continuing with the a-ha diary, there is still a lot of work left to do

The "a-ha diary 1984-1994" is a printed document containing a date by date list of concerts, TV and radio appearances, key release dates and other promotional dates spanning a-ha's career from when they started out up until 1994. It was designed to be a source of reference on a-ha and hopefully be interesting too! Due to the volume of work involved in getting this project online, one or more years of information will be added to the diary each month.

The only way that the "a-ha diary" will ever get close to being complete is if you help to make it so. Therefore, if you notice any mistakes in the diary or if you have any additional information, please send us a message via the online form in the corrections / additions section or send an e-mail to the following address corrections at a-hadiary.co.uk (replace the " at " with @ - it is written out in full to help prevent spamming). Please only send in corrections and additions for the years covered so far.

Note: If you send any e-mails to us relating to the diary, please mark it with "a-ha diary" in the subject line. So much spam is being sent to the diary address, so this should make it easier to separate good from spam. We will always aknowledge e-mails sent, so if you do not receive a response within a few days, please re-send your messsage as it could be caught up in the spam, thanks!

Exclusion note: The diary does not include information on a-ha's personal lives, except for dates of marriages and births, to explain certain inactive periods of the band. TV programmes which have only shown an a-ha video (and the band were not present) have been excluded from the diary unless they showed a "rare" video, such as one which wasn't included on a video compilation. Also, dates of single / album releases and chart news have been mostly excluded from the diary as there are too many to document. However, key chart information, such as a single going to the top of the charts do warrant a place in the diary! For a comprehensive list of a-ha releases and chart positions, please go to our sister site at: a-hadiscography.co.uk.

All the information which has gone into this diary has been obtained by carefully listening to taped interviews with the band, reading articles from respectable magazines, books and fanclub magazines and also from fans writing in with information. Therefore, to our knowledge, the information that has gone into this diary is correct.

Where the information is listed in red, the exact date of the diary entry is unknown and has been listed, where possible, under the appropriate month or if not, the appropriate year. Live a-ha shows have been highlighted in blue; Magne shows in green; Morten shows in yellow; Savoy shows in purple and these diary entries just give the venue, town and country of the concert.

Morten holding his copy of the "a-ha diary 1984-1994", Radio 1 studios, 7 August 1995 - Photo by Mandy Jutsum

A few words about the "a-ha diary 1984-1994":

From Magne's mother, Annelise Furuholmen Nøkleby -

A-HAppy New Year!
Thanks a lot for the super and time consuming work you have done on the group! I gave Magne the copy and he liked it a lot! It's a super review for his sons when they grow up!
All the best a-ha NORWAY and Lise.

Paul Waaktaar 22 March 1996 (when asked if he received the diary) -

That was you. I thought it was brilliant. I couldn't believe the amount of information.