2008 - solo at the RAH

January 2008

22      The six tracks from Magne's new album "A Dot Of Black In The Blue Of Your Bliss" are available for download from Magne's MySpace.
23      Magne spends the night of 22 January painting at Oslo City Hall which will be divided into 300 pieces and used to create unique covers for 300 limited edition 10" picture discs of his new album. Stills from the painting performance are available to view in quicktime format at www.magnef.net/magnetube.

February 2008

10-30 March      Magne creates a snowscape with tinfoil and snow objects for the climate debate inspired exhibition "Anticlimax" at Studio Hugo Opddal in Flø, Norway. The exhibition also includes some new graphic works using black and aliminium pigment on paper plus a smaller version of the sculpture "Climax Cardgame".

March 2008

15-12 April      Magnes artwork "Climax Cardgame" and a new graphic series of monotypes are exhibited at Porsgrunn Kunstforening in Porsgrunn.

April 2008

Darkspace 4      "Darkspace" is released to Norwegian radio stations and major web stores.
8      Morten is in Berlin to do some promotion.
18      Morten performs his new single "Darkspace" live on the Norwegian TV show "Grosvold" (NRK). The band with him are Kjetil Bjerkestrand, Jonny Sjo, Per Lindvall, Evind Aarset and Åshild Breie Nyhus.
19      The first episode of a 4-part documentary "Thor Heyerdahl - På jakt etter paradiset" (NRK) featuring music by Magne and Nils Petter Molvær .

Magne on the cover of Elle   Magne on the cover of Elle Mann

Magne F is on the cover of the Spring / Summer issue of the men's magazine "Elle Mann"

21      This month's "Elle" magazine comes with a free 6 track CD of Magne's "A Dot Of Black In The Blue Of Your Bliss".
23      An interview with a-ha about the forthcoming solo concerts and Morten's new single "Darkspace" is broadcast on the Norwegian TV show "Lydverket" (NRK1).
Magne's dust silkscreen - Photo by Karen Christiansen-Wilson 23-27      Magne exhibits one of his new diamond dust silkscreen prints at the London Original Print Fair. The print features the Norwegian flag turned on its side with diamond dust on the white part of the cross.

May 2008

5      Palace Grill, Oslo, Norway
Morten does a press photoshoot for Scanpix by Akerselva in Oslo
6      Palace Grill, Oslo, Norway
7      Palace Grill, Oslo, Norway
12      Savoy release "Savoy Songbook Vol. 1" in the UK.

Savoy Songbook Vol. 1   A Dot Of Black In The Blue Of Your Bliss - UK CD   Letter From Egypt

13 -19       Morten posts new webisodes on his myspace page (Writing in Morocoo with Ole Sverre / Behind the Scenes Photoshoot / Sony Ericsson TV Shot / Morten on Location in Morocco)
16      "Darkspace (You're With Me)" is released to music stores and is available as a download in Germany.
19      Magne releases his album "A Dot Of Blackness In The Blue Of Your Bliss" in the UK.
Morten Harket's solo album "Letter from Egypt" is released in Norway. Morten does a "Tett på nett" live webchat on VG's website (12:00).
Morten Harket, Savoy and Magne F, Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway (special invitation only warm-up show)
20      Morten Harket, Savoy and Magne F, Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway. The band who accompany Savoy are Hågen Rørmark (guitar/backing vocals), Jørun Bøgeberg (bass), Preben Grieg-Halvorsen(keyboards) and Erin Hill (harp/backing vocals). Magne F is accompanied by Dan Sundhordvik (guitar and vocals), Jonny Sjo (bass and vocals) and Karl Oluf Wennerberg (drums) and Morten is accompanied by Kjetil Bjerkestrand (keyboards), Eivind Aarset (guitar) and Per Lindvall (drums). [Set-lists- Magne: A Dot Of Black / The Longest Night / Kryptonite / Running Out Of Reasons / All the time / Don't Do Me Any Favours / Come Back / The Summers Of Our Youth / Savoy: Tears From A Stone / Star (I'm Not Stupid Baby) / Best Western Beauty / Any Other Way / Whalebone / Velvet / Foolish / Morten Harket: Send Me An Angel / Movies / Shooting Star / There Are Many Ways To Die / With You With Me / A Kind of Christmas Card / Darkspace / Spanish Steps / The One You Are / a-ha: Train of Thought / New Song / New Song / Take on Me]
21      Shortly after midnight in the early hours of 21 May, three tracks recorded by Savoy at their New York studio are broadcast on the Janice Long show on BBC Radio 2. The three songs are "Girl One", "Whalebone" and "Velvet".
Morten signs copies of his new album at Platekompaniet in Oslo City shopping centre (18:00 - 19:30).
Morten Harket, Savoy and Magne F, Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway
22      Morten Harket, Savoy and Magne F, Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway, this concert is filmed.
23      Magne F warm-up gig Notting Hill Arts Club, London, UK

Notting Hill Arts Club / RAH

RAH advert 24      Morten Harket, Savoy and Magne F live at Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. The set list is the same as the Oslo shows except Magne's "All The Time", Savoy's "Best Western Beauty" and Morten's "A Kind Of Chrsitmas Card" are missing. Magne, På and Morten wear suits by Moods of Norway.
27      Morten is interviewed on the UK TV show "Loose Women".
30      Morten's album "Letter from Egypt" is released in Germany.

June 2008

We'll Never Speak Again 6      Morten's third single "We'll Never Speak Again" is released in Norway.
10      Morten Harket live at Münchner Atomic Café, Munich, Germany (invite only).
11      Bad Vilbel, Frankfurt, Germany (invite only).
12      Morten Harket live in Frankfurt, Germany.
14 - 10 August      Magne exhibits 25 small prints (some of these were exhibited in New York, November 2007) and one large print as part of Nordisk Grafikkmønstring at Hovedøya Kunstsal, Oslo.
20      Morten Harket is one of the guests to perform at the free VG Top 20 Live show at Rådhusplassen (outside the City Hall) in Oslo (21:00).
24      Magne F live at Palace Grill, Oslo, Norway.
25      Magne F live at Teltet, Hovefestivalen, Tromøya, Arendal, Norway (20:25)

August 2008

2-21 Sept      Magne exhibits some of his artwork in connection with Festspillene i Elverum. The exhibition is held at Norwegian Forest Museum.

September 2008

6-21 The annual exhibition "Vakre bord - design i tiden" ("Beautiful tables - current design") opens at Bymuseet, Frogner Hvedgård, Oslo, Norway. Magne is one of 33 artists to exhibit his works and has contributed some porcelain work.
10-12      The Point of Peace Summit takes place in Stavanger. Morten participates in "Open Port - Songs Across Walls of Separation" at the closing event. He performs western interpretations of music from various parts of the world.
10      Morten arrives in Stavanger ready for the concert.
12      Morten performs 11 songs at Open Port - Songs Across Walls of Separation, Vågen, Stavanger, Norway (Send Me An Angel, With You with Me, Darkspace, Movies, The One You Are, A Kind of Christmas Card, Spanish Steps, Lay Me Down, There are Many Ways to Die, Shooting Star, Dawn about to Break, Back to senses).
15      The first episode of "Amazon" is broadcast on UK's BBC2. The accompanying album for the series "Songs for Survival" includes "Ferreting" by Apparatjik (Guy Berryman, Jonas from MEW, Martin Terefe and Magne Furuholmen).
16      Morten's girlfriend Inez Andersson gives birth to a baby girl.
19    Magne appears on stage at a Coldplay concert in Oslo. He plays keyboards for the song "Hunting High And Low".
24      Morten appears on "God Morgen Norge".

a-ha are back in the studio recording their next studio album.

October 2008

23?      Morten performs "Take On Me" karaoke style for the launch of the new xbox360 karaoke game "Lips".

December 2008

11      Magne performs with singer Jason Mraz at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert at Oslo's Spektrum Arena.
13      To benefit Flyktninghjelpen (Norwegian Refugee Council), Morten is among the performers at the sixth annual TV2 gala "Artistgallaen 2008".

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