2001 - Live in Vallhall

January 2001

6       a-ha receive "Comeback des Jahres Award" at "Goldene Europa" (ARD 1) in Germany (recorded 2 December 2000).
20       An a-ha documentary "a-ha - Das Comeback" with interviews and clips is broadcast on German TV (ZDF).
26       "The Sun Never Shone That Day" is released to German radio stations.

February 2001

18       Morten and Paul choose their favourites on UK VH-1's "10 of the Best". This is repeated on several occasions.
26       A 4 CD single box set "Minor Earth | Major Box" is released in Germany.

March 2001

2       a-ha perform "Minor Earth, Major Sky" (live) at the annual Spellemannprisen (NRK1).
3       A re-broadcast of Morten and Paul choosing their favourites is shown on UK VH-1's "10 of the Best". During this broadcast, the video for "Tear Drops" by George Ducas is played rather than the intended version by Massive Attack. Also, Red Hot Chili Peppers (Otherside) is played in place of U2 (One).
17       a-ha hold a Press Conference at Grand Hotel Marriott, Moscow, Russia
19       a-ha appear on Russian Radio Europaplus and on a webcast.
23       a-ha on Norwegian radio P4.
24       Vallhall, Oslo, Norway. This show is broadcast live on the internet.
25       Vallhall, Oslo, Norway.
31       Morten appears on the show "God Kveld Norge" on Norwegian TV2, he talks about his car accident last December and about the Oslo shows.

April 2001

17-18       a-ha on TV-6, Russia.
18       One Night at McCools premieres in London. The movie is delayed until Morten and Magne arrive!
19       On the Norwegian TV show "Underholdningsnyhetene" (TV2), there is a report on Magne and Morten at the premiere of "One Night At McCool's" in London and about the German festivals.

May 2001

13       Special on a-ha on Radio Universo, Chile.
14       Magne attends Bill Clinton's speech in Oslo.
19       a-ha perform at the memorial concert in Fjaerheia, Grimstad, Norway in memory of two girls who were murdered. It is held at a stone quarry near Grimstad. They perform "Stay On These Roads", "Early Morning", "You'll Never Get Over Me", "Summer Moved On" and "Crying In The Rain".
26       During the Norwegian charity show "Gi Meg Hånda Di" (TV2), there is an hour long broadcast of the concert in Grimstad. All of a-ha's set is broadcast except for "Crying In The Rain". There are also some short interview clips with the band. On the Norwegian charity show "Gi Meg Hånda Di", a-ha perform "Summer Moved On"

June 2001

2       Rock Am Ring, Nurburgring, Germnay. There is a live web cast from the concert (a-ha included).
3       Rock Im Park, Germany. There is a live web cast on Bayern 3. Highlights from Rock Am Ring on ARD, German TV.
4       Special Rock Im Park programme featuring a-ha "I've Been Losing You", clip of "Take On Me" and an interview with Paul.
5       WDR broadcast the first part of a-ha's set at Rock am Ring on "Rockpalast Producer's Choice: Highlights Part 1". In the evening, the German Radio station BR3/Bayern 3 broadcast highlighrs from Rock Im Park.
23       Sound Arena Festival, Wohlen, Switzerland in front of a crowd of around 40,000 people. Magne has some keyboard problems.
24       The German TV station Bayern3 show highlights from Rock Im Park (00:30-06:00).
28       a-ha were at Blaa Grotte movie theatre in Fredrikstad for the Norwegian avant premiere of One Night at McCool's. They also left prints in the cement for the theatre. a-ha arrive by helicopter. After the movie, a party was held at the Balaklava Bar.
30       a-ha perform at Krogshavn, Langesund, Norway. Only 11,000 tickets were available for sale. They start the concert with "Scoundrel Days". There were a few sound problems at this show. The Norwegian band "Kings of Convenience" are one of the support acts.

July 2001

3       Morten was in Kristiansand with Harald Zwart to promote "One Night at McCools" movie. WDR broadcast the first part of a-ha's set at Rock am Ring on "Rockpalast Producer's Choice: Highlights Part 2".
3-7       Quart Festival, Kristiansand Magne exhibits some of his paintings in Kristiansand, Norway. Coldplay perform "Hunting High And Low" at Quart Festival.
5       Marius Holst and Maria Bonnevie (director and star of the film "Øyenstikker") are interviewed on "Quart@NRK". A few clips from the movie & soundtrack were shown. Øyenstikker premieres at Quart Festival during a closed media session which Magne attends.
6       Øyenstikker is shown at Quart Festival in Kristiansand.
7       Arena of Sound (SWR Festival), Stuttgart, Germany. This is an open-air concert in front of 70.000 people. The concert starts with "Scoundrel Days". SWR3 web broadcast the concert in Stuttgart. No rights were given to broadcast a-ha's set. Instead the radio station broadcast 3 a-ha songs: "Minor Earth, Major Sky", "Stay On These Roads" and "The Sun Always Shines On TV" plus some short recorded interviews including an interview with Magne and Paul before the show.
8       German TV channel SWR3 broadcast highlights from Stuttgart including "I've Been Losing You", "Velvet" and "The Sun Always Shines On T.V."
14       Two songs from a-ha's set at " Festival Arena of Sound, Stuttgart" are broadcast in Germany (SWR3). Summary of Arena of Sound on VIVA.
29       Full broadcast of a-ha at Rock am Ring on Rockpalast.

August 2001

6       Highlights of Arena of Sound, SWR3 (web)
7       Stuttgart full show on SWR3 (web)
10       Skanderborg Festival, Denmark. You Won't Come To The Party promo

September 2001

3?       The first promo only single "You Won't Come To The Party" from Savoy's forthcoming album "Reasons To Stay Indoors" is released to Norwegian radio stations.
5       Morten performs with Asian group Junoon at a concert organised by Norwegian conservative party Høyre. The concert is held at Oslo Spektrum.
8       An interview with Magne and Marius Holst is broadcast on the Norwegian TV show "God Kveld Norge" (TV2).
14       Premiers of Marius Holst's film "Øyenstikker" (Dragonfly), the film for which Magne and Kjetil wrote the music. Magne sings on the title track.
15       Magne F performs "Dragonfly" and Morten Harket gives "best group" award to Briskeby at the annual "Hit Awards" (TV2) in Norway.
17       Magne Furuholmen releases the single "Dragonfly" in Norway. This single features soundtrack music for the film of the same title. Film music composers, Magne F and Trond Bjaerknes are interviewed on "Nyhetsbikk" on Norwegian TV (TV2).
Savoy release new album "Reasons To Stay Indoors".

Dragonfly   Reasons To Stay Indoors

October 2001

6       An interview with Paul and Lauren at their home in Oslo is broadcast on the Norwegian TV show "Magasinet" (TV2).
19       An interview by Thomas Numme with Paul and Lauren is broadcast on the Norwegian TV show "Trigger" (NRK1), the video for "Velvet" is also shown.

A live DVD "Live at Vallhall - Homecoming" is released as a limited edition through a-ha.com. It features the full show from the concert at Vallhall, Oslo 24 March 2001, excluding the final encore "Angel" plus bonus material: a documentary, interview, backstage clips, after fan party, facts, 4 promo videos plus two live songs from from Grimstad, 18 May 2001. There is also an exclusive limited edition live CD featuring a-ha's set from Grimstad, 19 May 2001 plus "The Living Daylight's" and "Angel" from Oslo, March 2001.

Homecoming - www.a-ha.com version

November 2001

Half Of The Time promo CD 23       Paul and Lauren are interviewed by H. C. Andersen on the Norwegian TV show "Senkveld" (TV2) and they perform "If You Won't Come To The Party" (playback).
26?       Savoy release a second promo only single "Half Of The Time" to Norwegian radio stations.

December 2001

8       Savoy perform "Half Of The Time" with live vocals on the annual charity show "Ei hand holde i - Fadderaksjonen 2001" (TV2) for "PLAN". Norway.
11       a-ha perform "Hunting High And Low" and "Differences" at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo.

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