1995 - going solo

At the beginning of the year, a 30 minute special is shown on Norwegian TV with a report about Morten's album "Poetenes Evangelium" and with studio clips of Morten and the other people involved.

Morten goes to Portugal with Sigurjon Einarsson to make a documentary (approx. 50 mins long) about East Timor and its fight for independence. It is produced by Morten and Sigurjon and directed by Max Stahl.

Magne does his military service in an office in the Henie-Onstad-Senter on Høvikodden near Oslo, until the end of the year.

January 1995      

1       The matchstick producer Nitedal Tændstiker AS begins a new campaign to increase their sales. The matchboxes are decorated with art from eight different artists including Magne Furuholmen (three different paintings by each artist). The reverse of the matchbox has information about the artist. This campaign raises the sale of matches by 40% and profit from the sales goes to funds for social and human aid.
24       Dagbladet reveals the news about a new solo album by Pål's solo project "Savoy" which he formed with his wife, Lauren, plus Norwegian drummer, Frode Unneland, from Bergen. They have been recording the album in New York and London under the working title "Fade".
28       Kjell Nupen (who has worked with Magne) creates a menu at Cafe "Pirouette" in the Heinie-Onstad arts centre near Oslo. In May, it's Magne's turn to create a menu.

At the end of January, a video for Savoy's new song "Velvet" is filmed in Oslo, Norway. The video features the band and a parrot called "Max" owned by Roberth Opsahl-Engen (Roberth is the owner of Nova studios where a-ha did some recording for "Memorial Beach", "Shapes That Go Together" and Morten did some of his early work for his album there). The video is directed by Lauren Savoy.

February 1995      

The Norwegian women's magazine "Tique" visits Pål and Lauren at their home in Norway for an exclusive photo session.

Morten is in London working on his soloalbum.

11     At Berlin's film festival (9-20 February), the film "Ti kniver i hjertet" is premiered in the "Zoo-Palast". It wins the "Blaue Engel" ("Blue Angel") award of the European Academy for film and TV. It is also sent for an Oscar nomination.
15     The organisation "Rett til liv" ("Right for life") hands in an appeal against abortion to the vice president of the parliament, Edvard Grimstad. 19 famous Norwegian have signed it, including Morten. Missa Caritatis
20       The album "Missa Caritatis" is presented at a press conference in Norway. Morten, who contributed on two songs, is not present as he is in London working on his solo-album.
21       The album "Missa Caritatis", composed by Ragnar Bjerkreim (who also composed the film music for "Kamilla Og Tyven"), is released in Norway. Morten sings solo pieces on two of the songs, "Hymne Til Kjæerleiken" and "Sanctus". Bodil Arnesen and the two choirs "Gandelo" and "Kor-Z" also sing on the album and Eivind Aarset and Kjetil Bjerkestrand contribute. The profit from the sales goes to the Norwegian Missonary society who support "Home of Grace" in Thailand to help women who have suffered from sex tourism.

March 1995      

In the Spring, Savoy present their finished album to the record company. Pål is under contract to go to Warner Brothers as they have they first rights on anything he releases. They like the album and sign the contract to release the album.

Morten and Håvard in the Maldives - Still from Vallhall DVD Morten and Håvard Rem are in the Maldives, on the atoll Kuredu, for the recording of a TV special about their co-operation on Morten's forthcoming album "Wild Seed".

The German radio channel "SWF3" broadasts an a-ha-special.

25       Articles about Morten in the Maldives are printed in the Norwegian newspapers "Adresseavisen" and "Dagbladet".
31       The music by "Missa Caritatis" has its live premiere at a service at Uranienborg Kirke in Oslo; Morten is not present.

April 1995      

1       The Norwegian magazine "Tique" features an exclusive interview with Pål and Lauren in their issue number 3. They talk about their first solo album, which currently has the working title "Fade".
27       A piece about Magne's forthcoming exhibition "Kutt" is printed in the Norwegian newspaper "VG".

Four prints from Magne's exhibition at Henie-Onstad-Senter on Høvikodden - Photo by Euroman

From Magne's exhibition at Henie-Onstad-Senter on Høvikodden - Photo by Euroman 29       Magne's new exhibition "Kutt" ("Cuts") opens at Henie-Onstad-Senter on Høvikodden. It's an exhibition of 19 small and 3 large wood cuts (only 25 prints of most of them exist) created at Kjell Nupen's studio in Tvedestrand. Magne got inspired by titles of music pieces he found in his father's old trumpet case and some of the words from these titles are cut in the wood. One of the main works is called "Jerico" and consists of three paintings, each of them over three metres high. Other paintings are "The seventh key", "Degoslåter", "Ramona", "Give me the simple life", "Bye Bye Blackbird", "I could have danced all night", "How high the moon", "Night in Tunisia", "Moonlight in Vermont", "I'm beginning to see the light", "Alice Blue Gown", "The trumpet of remembrance", "Dance for Daddy", "Traveller (erasing memory)", "You can't go home again". At the exhibition, Magne is surrounded by family and friends including Kjell Nupen. The prints sell quickly, 75 have been sold even before the official opening. A book "Kutt/Cuts" is also sold with the exhibition. The exhibition is open until 28 May.
30       A piece about Magne's exhibition is printed in the Norwegian newspaper the "Aftenposten".

Morten and Helena at The World Music Awards May 1995      

3       The World Music Awards take place in Monte Carlo, Morten presents an award with Danish model, Helena Christensen, to the Swedish band "Ace Of Base" who win best selling Scandinavian artist (broadcast in parts of the UK, including the Anglia region, on 29 May and on other dates in other parts).
5       At Trond Moi and Toralf Bølgen's restaurant "Bølgen & Moi" (Henie Onstad Senter, Høvikodden) which opened in March, a "kunstnermiddag" Invitation to Ut over grensene ("artist dinner") takes place. It's entitled "Magnes Jerico: Ut over grensene. Dinner at Henie Onstad Senter.", for which Magne Furuholmen created a menu and a 7 course meal with chief Trond Moi. The meal consists of parma ham, clear bouillon with tortellini, beef, cheese and a desert in the colours of his exhibition which is taking place at the art centre. The meal costs 890 NOK which includes a signed copy of the menu.
13       The Norwegian newspaper "Dagbladet" features Magne as a cover story.
14       The World Music Awards in Monte Carlo are broadcast on German TV channel "Premiere".
29       The World Music Awards are broadcast in some UK regions on "ITV".

The albums "Scoundrel Days" and "Stay On These Roads" are re-released as half price CDs in the UK and this is reported "Q" magazine.

June 1995      

At the beginning of June, Morten is interviewed on the internet.

Cover of Euroman

7       The 50 year anniversary of the end of the war (fredsjubileet) is celebrated with a big "folkefest" at Rådhusplassen in Oslo where different bands perform and programmes are shown at the theatre. The big midnight surprise, just before the fireworks, is the appearance of Morten Harket who sings "A Change Is Gonna Come" with the Gli Scapoli choir and Knut Reiersrud, Iver Kleive and Rune Erlien. It is the world premiere of this song which was due to be included on his forthcoming solo album (but ends up only on the Japanese album and the first CD single).
8       In the evening, the exhibition "Kutt" opens with a wine reception at Galleri Ismene in Trondheim. The exhibition runs here until 31 August.
14       The new Norwegian magazine "Euroman" releases its first issue, featuring Magne as cover story.

Magne is working with choreographer Anderz Døving on another ballet project which is due to be premiered in Oslo next year. The idea is to make "Støt" into an hour performance with the working title "XL2". Magne is involved in the scenography, music and costumes.

July 1995      

A CD compilation "The best of 1980-1990 Volume 9" is released, a-ha contribute with "The Sun Always Shines On TV".

7       The Norwegian newspaper "VG" features a long article about Savoy. "VG" visited Pål and Lauren in New York and interviewed them there. Daily Express full page picture
14       The World Music Awards are broadcast on Swiss TV SF1.
15       The Norwegian newspaper "VG" report that Warner decided to delay Savoy's record in order not to release it at the same time as Morten's album.
19       Morten is doing a tour of local UK radio stations to promote his new solo work, he is interviewed on radio station "Signal One" in Stoke-On-Trent and performs "Half In Love Half In Hate" unplugged.
20       Morten does another interview on local UK radio, this time on "Northants Radio Hot FM" in Northamptonshire, where he performs unplugged versions of "Half In Love Half In Hate", "A Kind Of Christmas Card" and a new song with lyrics "I Don't Have The Nerve To Leave You...".

A Kind Of Christmas Card video strip

23       Morten is interviewed on Norway's "Dagsrevyen" (NRK), they show the video for "A Kind Of Christmas Card".
26       Morten is interviewed on the local radio station "Signal Cheshire".
29       An article about Morten is printed in the magazine supplement of the UK "Daily Express" newspaper.
31       Morten's first single "A Kind Of Christmas Card" from his forthcoming album is released in Norway. The video to which was filmed in Los Angeles and was directed by Mark Neal, it features Morten's wife, Camilla.

Some of the other local radio stations that Morten appears on include "GWR", "Red Rose", "Clyde", "Scott", "Forth", "BRMB" and "Chiltern".

August 1995      

During the summer, the Norwegian magazine "Exit" features in its second issue (July/August/September) a title story about Magne.

3       A 25 minute long promo video of "The making of Wild Seed" is released.
4       Morten's single "A Kind Of Christmas Card" is at number 1 on the list of the most played songs on Norway's Radio 1. In Germany, the record company is not happy with the title of Morten's single, so it is released under the slightly different title "Burning out again (A Kind Of Christmas Card)".
Morten issues a press report to disassociate himself from the "VG" article, in which he was quoted out of context.
A long interview with Morten is printed in the Swedish newspaper "Expressen".
5       The UK music TV programme, "The Chart Show" shows the video for "A Kind Of Christmas Card" "Dagbladet" features a long report about Morten and also includes interviews with people from his personal life (his wife and friends and colleagues).
"VG" also prints an article about Morten with quotes (taken out of context) from the interview he did with Swedish newspaper "Expressen".

A Kind Of Christmas Card   The Big Breakfast - Photo by Suzie

Radio 1 - Photo by Suzie Dent 7       Morten's single "A Kind Of Christmas Card" is released in the UK, the CD singles include a cover version of a Sam Cooke's song "A Change Is Gonna Come" which was recorded live at Helgerud church in Norway. Morten is interviewed on the phone by NRK radio.
In London, Morten appears on the TV show "The Big Breakfast", during which he sings a short clip of "A Kind Of Christmas Card". At the end of the morning, Morten goes to the "Radio 1" studios where he is interviewed by Kevin Greening and plays "Take On Me" and "A Kind Of Christmas Card" unplugged (broadcast 8 August). Morten is also interviewed on "Radio 5".
8       Still in the UK, Morten is interviewed by Peter Curran on "GLR" (Greater London Radio) where he performs "A Change Is Gonna Come" unplugged. Next, he performs "Half In Love Half In Hate" for "Alive In London" on FM "Virgin Radio" and also "A Kind Of Christmas Card", which is broadcast on Virgin Radio FM on 20 February 1996.
9       Morten does promotion on Radio Forth? (not confirmed).
12       On the UK TV show "The Album Show", there is a big feature on a-ha, where they play 4 a-ha videos and Morten's new video for "A Kind Of Christmas Card", this show is repeated on 14 August and is shown on different days in different regions of the UK.
13       MTV shows some clips of the video for "A Kind Of Christmas Card" on "MTV First Look". "A Kind Of Christmas Card" enters the UK charts at No.53, but goes out of the chart the next week.
14       "The Album Show" on UK TV broadcasts "the big feature" with four a-ha videos plus "A Kind Of Christmas Card".
16       Norwegian "TV Norge" broadcasts this year's World Music awards, with Morten and Helena Christensen presenting an award to "Ace of Base".
17       A new building, by the NKS-group, is opened at the Norges Høgskole at Frydenlunden, Oslo. Magne is present and shows some of his new paintings while Sigurd Køhn plays saxophone at the opening party.
19       "A Kind Of Christmas Card" reaches number 1 in Norway, it stays there for 3 weeks and goes Gold.
25       Morten is interviewed by Norwegian press in Bygdøy and sings some of his solo songs, just him and his guitar. Momarkedet festival - Photo by Norsk Ukeblad
26       The newspapers "VG", "Adresseavisen" and "Dagbladet" feature long reports about Morten.
The Red Cross organises the week long "Momarkedet" festival in Mysen (25 August - 3 September), this year the theme is "Stopp volden" ("Stop violence"). The TV show "Momarkedet - Et håndslag for Røde Kors" takes place on 26 August and is broadcast live on NRK. At this show, Morten sings two songs "A Kind Of Christmas Card" and "Ready To Go Home". Other artists appearing are D.D.E., Soundgarden and Carlene Carter.

Morten is interviewed for "Bergens Tidende" at Café The Broker in Oslo (the article is printed on 29 August).

BRMB Roadshow - Photo by Jane Dale 27       Morten flies from Norway to London.
28       The Norwegian radio station "NRK P1" broadcasts an interview with Morten on the programme "Musikkrevyen".
Morten performs "A Kind Of Christmas Card" and "Spanish Steps" (both lip-synch) at "Party In The Park" (roadshow put on by local radio station "BRMB") in Cofton Park, Birmingham in front of a crowd of 4,000 people. Other artists performing in the park include Let Loose, Boyzone, Suggs, Matt Goss, Kim Wilde and Eternal.
Straight after his performance at the roadshow, Morten flies out to Mexico for some more promotion; his single "Burning Out Again (A Kind Of Christmas Card)" goes to number 18 in Mexico.
29       Central News reoprts on the BRMG Roadshow and shows a few clips of Morten.

Det Gode Selskab The album "Det Gode Selskap" by the group "Det Gode Selskap" is released in Norway. Magne plays keyboards on the song "Grå".

September 1995      

Frode Unneland spends the month in New York with the rest of Savoy to rehearse songs from their first album. They are signed to Warner Music US for a worldwide release. Unfortunately, one month after they signed the contract with Warner, boss Danny Goldberg who was supporting Savoy, left Warner. The band also search for a bass player in the clubs of New York. Greg Calvert, bass player with U.S. band "Soup", ends up becoming a member of Savoy.

The free newspaper "Natt&Dag" and the free magazine "Spotlight" both feature Morten as a cover story. Morten does some special photo shootings with hip clothes for the magazines "Beat", "Det Nye", "Tique" and "Topp".

Morten attends the big celebration for Warners' 25 year anniversary in Sweden. This is reported on by Swedish "ZTV" news. "ZTV" news also report about Morten under the title "jagad av brudar". The Swedish TV show "Nöje Direkt" (TV3) shows an interview with Morten and they show some clips from "A Kind Of Christmas Card" video.

Magne goes to Paris, France for two weeks where he works on five woodcuts to the music of the jazz trumpet player Chet Baker. These works have the title "Everything Happens To Me" and will later be published as a limited edition portfolio of a Chet Baker hommage CD.

2       Morten's album "Wild Seed" is released in Germany.
The Norwegian TV show "God Morgen Norge" shows an interview with Morten on the roof terrace of the Grand Hotel, he is given some orchids and plays "Half In Love Half In Hate" and "A Kind Of Christmas Card" unplugged.
The Norwegian newspaper "Nordlys" prints a long interview which they did with Morten in a cafe in West Oslo. Morten is interviewed by Norwegian radio for the programme "Norsktoppen".
3       Morten returns from Mexico and goes to Germany. Morten is interviewed for the Norwegian radio programme "Tipp Topp" (NRK P3). The German TV channel "VH1" broadcasts an interview with Morten in front of the Hard Rock Café advert.
4       Again, the radio programme "Musikkrevyen" broadcasts an interview with Morten (NRK P1). Wild Seed Morten's first internationally released solo album "Wild Seed" is on sale in most of Europe (a year later than expected!). The album was recorded in Oslo and Trondheim; musicians on the album are Kjetil Bjerkestrand (keyboards), Eivind Aarseth (guitar), Øivind Madsen (bass), Per Lindvall (drums), Vertavo (string instruments). It is produced by Christopher Neil, arranged by Kjetil Bjerkestrand, mixed by Simon Hurrell, except for one track by Lasse Hafreager, mixed by Truls Birkeland. During the past 18 months, Morten worked closely with poet Håvard Rem on many of the songs, but it also features words and music by Torstein Flakne, Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman, words by Morten Harket, Ole Sverre Olsen, Joseph Brodsky, Henning Kramer Dahl and music by Geir Kolbu. Morten begins 4 days of promotion in Germany, starting in Hamburg. He does a press conference at the Ramada Hotel and is interviewed on the Radio stations "NDR 2" and "Radio Hamburg". After this, he goes to "Elbe-Castle" where he is interviewed by Susanne Reimann for the German TV show "360°" (VH-1) and performs "Half In Love Half In Hate" unplugged. He also does other radio interview on Radio Schleswig Holstein (?) and press interviews (including the newspaper "Hamburger Abendblatt"). In the evening, Morten flies straight to Berlin, where he is interviewed on the show "Blue Moon" on "Radio Fritz" in Potsdam (outside Berlin). On this show, he performs "Half In Love Half In Hate" and "Heaven's Not For Saints" unplugged.
5       Morten continues his promotion in Berlin, Germany where he is on "Radio Brandenburg"; he is interviewed and performs "Half In Love Half In Hate" unplugged. Next he is interviewed on "Radio Fritz" where again he performs "Half In Love Half In Hate" and then on "Radio B2" where he performs "Lord" and "Half In Love Half In Hate" unplugged. From Berlin, Morten goes to Cologne for more promotion.
6       The promotion continues in Cologne, Germany where Morten does press and Radio interviews, including the radio station "RPR1" where he is is interviewed and plays "Heaven's Not For Saints", "Half In Love Half In Hate" and "A Kind Of Christmas Card" unplugged. In the evening, Morten does his only TV appearance n the German TV show "RTL-Nachtshow". He is interviewed by Thomas Koschwitz, performs "Burning Out Again (A Kind Of Christmas Card)" plyaback and "Half In Love Half In Hate" unplugged. Morten then goes to Southern Germany.
7       Morten does some more promotion in Munich, Germany, where he is on "Radio Bayern 3" and performs short clips of "Burning Out Again", "Heaven's Not For Saints" and "Half In Love Half In Hate".
9       An interview with Morten is broadcast on the Norwegian radio programme "Norsk Artist Spesial" (P4?).
12       An interview with Morten is broadcast on the satellite TV show "The Selina Scott Show" (NBC), he plays an unplugged version of "Half In Love Half In Hate".
14       The German radio channel "H3" broadcasts an interview with Morten.
15?       The UK magazine "Q" reviews the album "Wild Seed" and gives it three out of five.
15       Morten plays a secret, private concert at a club in Oslo, Norway. Signing session, Oslo - Photo by Evi W
16       In co-operation with the record shop "CD Akademiet", Morten signs copies of his new album for hundreds of people at the shopping center "Oslo-City".
There is an interview with Morten on the programme "Top 20" (NRK radio).
Magne attends the opening of the exhibition "5,000 years with Chinese art" at the Henie Onstad Senter on Høvikodden.
17       The German "Bravo TV" reports about Morten's solo career, showing an interview with Morten and clips of the videos for "Take On Me" and "A Kind Of Christmas Card".
22       At the Sølvberget Galleri in the Sølvberget Senter, Stavanger, the exhibition "Kutt" opens. Magne is present at the opening with his family. At this exhibition there are some new pieces of work (2 large "The seventh key, erasing memory" and "The seventh key, memory erased" and 3 long "H", "T" and "Y") in place of 3 of the older large pieces plus 2 works of the new "Chet Baker" series of 5. The exhibition runs until 29 October.
The premiere of the Norwegian NRK TV show "Sveip", hosted by Hilde Hummelvoll and Tande P., takes place in Oslo. Morten meets two fans during the show,. This show is followed by the programme "Sen Sveip" where Morten is confronted with some quotes by his friends. A long interview follows the live performance of "A Kind Of Christmas Card". Afterwards, Morten is surprised when Camilla appears on the show and is also interviewed. Morten then performs two more songs, "Spanish Steps" and "Lay Me Down Tonight".
25       The duo Diva release their cover version of "The Sun Always Shines On TV" in the UK.
26       At the restaurant "Dan Turell" in Hegdehaugen, Oslo, the "Aventuras bokkveld" ("Aventura's booknight") takes. The three Norwegian poets, Håvard Rem, Ole Sverre Olsen and Bertrand Besigye are there to read from their books and poems. Morten and Camilla are amongst the audience.
27       The Norwegian TV show "Cumbaya" (ZTV) features Morten. They broadcast some childhood films, the first video for "Take On Me" plus a long interview with Morten and shorter interviews with Håvard Rem and Ole Sverre Olsen. Morten also plays "Half In Love Half In Hate" and "Gospel From A Heathen" unplugged.
27?       There is a report about on Morten on Swedish "ZTV" entitled "stora som AOB". Morten is interviewed and plays "Spanish Steps" and "Half In Love Half In Hate" unplugged.
30       Morten is in Finland for some radio promotion, including "Radio Rokrammi". The promotion in Finland continues into the first week of October, after which Morten goes to Brazil.

"Wild Seed" reaches number 1 in Norway; 80,000 copies of the album have already been sold and it stays at number 1 for six weeks.

October 1995      

The Swedish newspaper "Trottoar" features a long titlestory about Morten.

7 - 29       Galleri Brandstrup's exhibition "Norske bilder" takes place in Oslo in the Rådhusgalleriet. Magne's art is shown for the second year at this exhibition, this time three of his woodcuts (each piece is 200cm x 60cm and costs 13,000 NOK). The exhibition incudes 200 works by 57 artists including Ludvig Eikaas, Finn Christensen, Irma Salo Jæger, Knut Rose, Jens Johannessen, Håkon Bleken, Synnøve Anker Aurdal, Svein Johansen, Carl Nesjar, Knut Rumohr, Karl Erik Harr, Liv Heier and Nicolaus Widerberg.
12       In Oslo, Morten meets José Ramos Horta (exil foreign minister of East Timor) at Lille Frøen hovedgård, in connection with the nomination of bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo for the Nobel Peace Prize. At the Lille Frøen hovedgård, some recordings are made for a TV documentation by Sigurjonn Einarsson.
19/20       Morten flies to Rio, Brazil to start some promotion.
21       On the UK TV show "Take It To The Bridge" (VH-1), Morten is interviewed.
23       Morten flies to Sao Paulo, Brazil to continue his promotion.
25       In the morning, Morten is interviewed on Radio "89 FM", after this, he does a signing session in the shopping centre "Diretao" near Sao Paulo.
25?       Morten is interviewed and performs "A Kind Of Christmas Card" and a short clip of "Take On Me" for the Brazilian TV music show "Programa Raul Gil" (broadcast 4 November 1995).
26       VH-1 repeats the programme "Take It To The Bridge" with Morten.
The compilation album "Kom Ut Og Lek", which features a track sung by Morten, is presented to the press in Norway.
On the TV show "Programa livre" in Sao Paulo, Morten answers questions from the audience and sings "A Kind Of Christmas Card" unplugged and "Take On Me" with some Brazilian musicians (broadcast 3 November 1995).
26?       Morten performs "A Kind Of Christmas Card" for the Brazilian show "Programa Show de Calduros", he appears as "Atrãcio Internacional" (broadcast 18 November 1995).
27       Morten is interviewed on the Brazilian radio show "Transa Livre" on the radio station "Transamerica FM". Here, he performs "Stay", "Spanish Steps", "Hunting High And Low", "When I Reach The Moon", "Tell Me What You See", "Half In Love Half In Hate", "All Of You Concerned", "A Kind Of Christmas Card" and "Gospel From A Heathen". In the evening, Morten performs a live version of "A Kind Of Christmas Card" on the Brazilian TV show "Jo Soares Onze E Meia".
28       In the afternoon, the radio station "Radio Bandeirantes" invite Morten to "Parque Ibirapuera" (an ecological reserve in Sao Paulo) and he is interviewed.
On the Norwegian TV show "X-Press" (TV2), Magne talks about his new project with Chinese artist Mi Qui. Magne is also interviewed on the radio programme "Top 20"?.
29       Morten performs at "Parque do Carmo" (an ecological park outside the centre of Sao Paulo). "Radio Cidade" invites him to the concert to present some of his songs along with other Brazilian groups. Morten performs "Spanish Steps", "Take On Me" and to end the event, he plays "A Kind Of Christmas Card".
30       Still in Brazil, Morten does a signing session at the big shopping centre "Mappin Itaim" in Sao Paulo.
31       On the UK TV show "VH-1 Feature", Morten is interviewed by Paul King and they show video clips from "A Kind Of Christmas Card".
Morten is interviewed for the Brazilian music station "MTV" and performs "Half In Love Half In Hate" (broadcast 11 November 1995).

Morten takes the ferry between Oslo and Denmark and ends up singing with guitar for most of the night.

Morten is interviewed in the Norwegian magazine "Tique".

November 1995      

Morten moves back to Norway with his family; giving up his big grand house near London. Spanish Steps

"Spanish Steps" is released in Norway.

Some of Magne's "Kutt" exhibition goes to Galleri Bi-Z in Kristiansand, Norway. Altogether there are 7 woodcuts, with one new cut and "How High The Moon" printed in a bluish colour rather than the original black and red version plus another two completely new cuts.

Per Høiem, owner of Galleri Ismene in Trondheim, found a gap in the market five years ago and started to produce art folders with graphics built up around a lyrics or a CD release. It's Magne Furuholmen's turn and his folder contains five original woodcuts around the theme "Everything happens to me" (Chet Baker), the poem "Blåtoneboulevardene" (Henning Kramer Dahl) and four CDs "Chet in Paris". The are 150 folders produced, 120 of them numbered, 10 unnumbered and then with the initials "E.P." written on them. The woodcuts were printed at Yann Samson Impressions d'Art in Paris - Colombes in 1995, the lyrics were printed by Francois Da Ros in Paris. The whole folder costs 18,000 NOK.

The CD-Rom "Norge etter krigen" is released in Norway by VG to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The CD-rom includes articles, music, news and more during the last 50 years. Music by a-ha is included on there.

1       On the UK TV show "VH-1 Ten of the best", Morten chooses 10 of his favourite videos. Kom Ut Og Lek!
The compilation album "Kom Ut Og Lek" ("Come Out And Play") is released by "Lekekameratene" ("playing mates") in Norway. The album features nursery rhymes and other songs sung by Norwegian artists, including Lynni Treekrem, Magnus Grønneberg (CC Cowboys), Jørn Hoel, Steinar Albrigtsen, Lars Lillo-Stenberg, Somebody's Darling, Kristin Berglund and Vinderen Barnekor. Morten is also featured and sings "Evig Ung", a Norwegian translation, by Håvard Rem, of Bob Dylan's song "Forever Young". The project is sponsored and financed by LO (Landsorganisasjonen i Norge) and is part of their commitment against child labour.
Morten is interviewed by Turid Birkelandon on his political and environmental involvement on the Norwegian TV show "Turid Pluss 15" (TV+).
Chinese fashion designer, Flora Pavlova Cheong-Leen, shows some of her work in a big show at the Henie Onstad Senter on Høvikodden. Magne and Kjetil Bjerkestrand are responsible for the music for the fashion show. They combine modern elements with traditional Chinese musical elements. Other Norwegian artists taking part in the show are Guri Dahl (responsible for the visuals) and Knut Bry (photographer). The show also takes place on the next two evenings.
3       The Brazilian show "Programa livre" featuring Morten is broadcast on Brazilian TV.
4       The TV show "Programa Raul Gil" with Morten is broadcast on Brazilian TV. The VH-1 UK TV show "Feature" with Morten is repeated.

A Brazilian Late Night show broadcasts Morten's appearance where he performs "A Kind Of Christmas Card" unplugged?

11       Brazilian MTV broadcasts the videoclip "A Kind Of Christmas Card", an interview with Morten and "Half In Love Half In Hate" unplugged on the show "Top 20".
On "Norsk Artist Spesial" (P4?), there is a special about the compilation "Kom Ut Og Lek".
11?       Frode again travels to New York for more rehearsals, where they check out 4-5 rock clubs (for example CBGB's, The Wetlands, The Bottom Line) as possible future concert venues.
11 or 12?       "Take On Me" is voted 18th Best Video on MTV's Top 100 videos.
14       Morten goes to Bergen to test the sound at Teatergarajen as he'll do a gig there later this month.
15       From Bergen, Morten flies on to Tromsø to meet the press, to do some promotion for his tour and to check the sound at Fokus Kino.
17       Morten guests on the Norwegian TV show "Comeback" (TVNorge), hosted by Hallvard Flatland. He is interviewed and performs "A Kind Of Christmas Card" and "Spanish Steps".

Nearly everyday for a week, Morten and band rehearse for the forthcoming tour in Oslo.

18       The Brazilian show "Programa Show de Calouros" featuring Morten is broadcast.
Dagbladet features a long interview with Pål about his new band Savoy.
19?       The Norwegian TV show "X-Press" reports on Morten rehearsing for the tour in Oslo and presents his new band, put together by Kjetil Bjerkestrand who plays the keyboards. Morten also gets the Golden record for "Wild Seed".
21       Morten and band are rehearsing at the Spektrum in Oslo, newspaper "VG" is permitted to come along.
22       The Norwegian channel "NRK" visits Morten and band during the soundcheck for his first concert of the "Wild Seed" Tour at Sentrum Scene and shows "Spanish Steps" live plus an interview with Morten during the evening news "Dagsrevyen".
Morten starts his first Norwegian solo tour with a concert Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway. He plays in front of an audience of 1,700. The "Wild Seed Tour" is presented by Petter Sandberg A/S. Musicians on tour are Kjetil Bjerkestrand (keyboards), Hallgrim Brattberg (guitar), Øyvind Madsen (bass), Kari Iveland (backing vocals) and Stene Osmundsen (drums). Bergen - Photo by Suzie Dent The set list for this tour consists of all the songs from the album "Wild Seed" except for "East Timor" plus "A Change Is Gonna Come" and 5 new songs "Ape Angel", "Heaven's Not For Saints", "Gospel From A Heathen", "Girl" and "All Of You Concerned". The set lasts for one and a half hours and "A Kind Of Christmas Card" is played twice.
23       The Norwegian TV show "God Morgen Norge" (TV2) reports about the Oslo concert and shows "Spanish Steps" live and some interviews with fans.
Stangehallen, Stange-Valset, Norway.
24       Ibsenhuset, Skien, Norway.
25       Solberg Senter, Drammen-Nedre Eiker, Norway.
27       Teatergarajen, Bergen, Norway in front of an audience of 750 people.
28       Konserthus, Stavanger, Norway.
29       Vaskeriet, Kristiansand, Norway.

December 1995      

1       Private concert.
2       The exhibition "Kutt", of 24 woodcuts, opens the Kunstforening in Bodø and Magne is present. Morten, who has a concert in Bodø the same day, goes to the opening and buys one of the paintings "Erindringens Trompet" ("The Trumpet of Remembrance"). Nordlandshallen, Bodø, Norway.
3       Harstad Kulturhus, Harstad, Norway in front of an audience of 700 people. For this show (and all the North Norwegian concerts?), the band consist of Roy Stene (drums), øyvind Madsen (bass), Kjetil Bjerkestrand (keyboard), Eivind Aarseth (guitar) and Kari Iveland (backing vocal).
4       Morten takes part at the finale for "Naturvernåret '95" ("Nature Conservancy Year '95") at the Ishavskatedrale in Tromsø, host is the conservation minister Thorbjørn Berntsen. Other artists to take part are trumpeter Ole Edvard Antonsen, actor Lars Andreas Larssen, Ole Henrik Magga and Ingo Jusso. The show starts at 18:00 and contains speeches, music, poetry and lightshows. Morten performs "Spanish Steps" together with Ole Edvard Antonsen and ends the show with "Deilig er jorden". Fokus Kino, Tromsø, Norway.
7       Morten travels from Trondheim to Oslo to present the news to the press about his free Christmas concert at Spikersuppa later this month; he goes back to Trondheim the same day to play the concert. Studentersamfundet, Trondheim, Norway.
8       Saluhallen, Ålesund, Norway.
9       The last concert of the tour was planned to be in Vinstra, but this show is cancelled due to organisational reasons.
11       "A Kind Of Christmas Card" is re-released in England, but it fails to make it into the charts.
15       The Norwegian TV show "God Morgen Norge" (TV2) shows Morten doing promotion in Brazil earlier in the year. They also interview Morten in the TV studio and show a live clip of "Spanish Steps" in Oslo on 22 November. Morten is interviewed on Norwegian radio "P3" (NRK) for the programme "XL". Spikersuppa, Oslo - Photo by Evi W
16       After the successful Norwegian tour, Morten does a free open-air concert at Studenterlunden/Spikersuppa in Oslo. The show is sponsored by the computer firm "Compaq" (sponsors of a-ha and Morten over the last two years). The show starts at 17:00 and it is -5 degrees outside, he plays for around an hour. Håvard Rem joins Morten on stage to read the Norwegian lyrics for "Gospel From A Heathen" and afterwards, Morten sings the English version of the song. The band is the same as the band he used on tour, except one of the guitarist used on "Wild Seed" replaces Hallgrim Bratberg. The concert is broadcast under the title "Harket's Julekort" on TV2 on 22 December 1995 and on P4 radio. After the show, Morten is taken around Karl Johans Gate on a horse carriage before going to a nearby restaurant for an aftershow party where Morten is also interviewed. On "Dagens Nyheter" (TV2), there is a report about the Chistmas concert and procession.

Morten is interviewed in a kitchen for the Danish TV show "Puls".

19       The Norwegian radio channel "P4" broadcasts Morten's Christmas concert.
22       The Norwegian channel "TV2" broadcasts half and hour of Morten's free Christmas concert at Spikersuppa on 16 December. The show is entitled "Harkets Julekort" and they broadcast six songs: Spanish Steps, Half In Love Half In Hate, Ape Angel, Lord, A Kind Of Christmas Card and Ready To Go Home.

Shortly before Christmas, Morten is asked if he wants to be the host of "Eurosong '96" (Eurovision) which is taking place in Norway next year.

24       The first of the two "Kamilla" films is shown on Norwegian TV.
29       Morten plays a concert on an island outside Rio de Janeiro?.

The album "Wild Seed" goes platinum in Norway with sales of over 100,000 copies and is the best selling album in Norway this year.

Morten founds his own company "Compass Point A/S" in Norway, connecting it to the music branch.

It Takes 2

The compilation albums "Absolute music 15" and "Absolute Norsk" are released in Norway. "Absolute music 15" includes "Spanish Steps" by Morten and "Absolute Norsk" includes Morten's "A Kind Of Christmas Card", a-ha's "Crying In The Rain" and Savoy's "Velvet". The Norwegian compilation CD "It Takes 2" is released, it includes the track "Where You Are" sung by Morten and Silje.

Morten is interviewed on "Topp 20" (NRK) about the relationship between a-ha members.

The exhibition "Kutt" also goes to the ålesund Kunstforening, to the Haugesund Kunstforening and to the Ål Kultursenter.

Magne supports the Norwegian charity action "Hjelp-Bosnia Brenner!" ("Help Bosnia Is Burning!") which helps victims of the war in ex-Yugoslavia. The action was established with Red Cross, the church, the organization "Redd Barna" and others.

Magne is working on a new project, again in co-operation with the Henie-Onstad-Senter, and with leader Arvid Esperø. They are planning to present a gigantic multimedia project on Høvikodden with exhibitions, festivals and symposiums on the topic "multimedial art". The working title of this project is "Electra".

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